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Location and availability 

Emmelyn counsels in Penshurst in Sydney's south.

Sessions are available by appointment on Wednesdays from 9:30am-2pm and Monday evenings from 5pm.

Online sessions by video call may also be available depending on your circumstances.


The standard rate for each counselling session (50 minutes) is $100.  Payment is due at the time of booking.


The standard rate is discounted to $90 for those in full-time ministry, and those referred under the pastoral referral scheme (see below).

Pastoral Referral Scheme 

Biblical counselling is most effective when it occurs in the context of a healthy and loving church community.  Given this, if you are referred to counselling by your pastor, and you give permission for Emmelyn to speak to your pastor about your case as necessary and appropriate (e.g. sharing prayer points, progress updates etc), you will be eligible for a discounted rate of $90. 


Please contact me if you would like to participate in this scheme.


"Emmelyn helped me to process and find out the root of my problems and I felt safe and comfortable to openly share my deepest thoughts...I particularly appreciate how Emmelyn was always God-centred in her approach, helping me to focus on God's grace and sovereignty in the midst of my suffering."
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biblical Counselling?

Biblical counselling is a counselling methodology and world view which seeks to be true to the Christian gospel.  Biblical counselling holds that while the Bible is not a rule book or recipe book for happiness in life, the Bible is relevant to our struggles and speaks to our lives today.  


Biblical counselling offers counselees the hope of Jesus Christ as found in the Bible, and believes that true and lasting change happens when people see their circumstances and issues in light of a living relationship with him. See more at Biblical Counseling Australia.

What can I expect in my counselling experience with you? 

Emmelyn seeks to provide a comfortable, compassionate and supportive environment where you can tell your story and be understood.  Working together with you, we will aim to look at your life and situation through a Biblical lens.  We will pray together and read Scripture together where appropriate.  

Do I need to be a Christian to do Biblical counselling with you?

No!  We believe that the Bible speaks to everyone, regardless of whether you are a Christian or not.  Provided you are willing to be provided with counsel which seeks to be faithful to the Bible, biblical counselling is available to you.

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